Step 1: Pre-heat

Pre-heat stove with level 3 heat for 10 minutes. Then, put 120g tea leaves into tea pouch, and put the tea puch into aluminium pot.

Step 2: Brew tea

Pour in 2400mL hot water. Close the lid when water level reaches the 4th hole of the spout. Heat for 5 minutes.

Tips: Close the lid tightly.

Step 3: Pull tea

Pull tea 2 time. Close the lid. Heat for 5 more minutes after water boils. Pull tea 2 more times.

Ertpet knowledge: Pulling tea means pouring tea into tea puch with appropriate speed.

Step 4: Brew tea

Boil with open lid. Heat for 1 minute after water boils. Move the aluminium pot to the side of the stove, covering around 1/4 of the stove surface.Heat for 5 more minutes.

Tips: Open the lid while biling tea for the last time.

Step 5: Making hot milk tea

Pour in 3/10 milk, then 7/10 hot tea. Add sgar according to preference.

Tips: Golden ration for milk tea: Milk 30%, Tea 70%