Original Equipment Manufacturing

We provide custom-made products according to flavour and roasting style requested by clients, including manufactuing and packaging. We also provide professional advice. This enables clients to establish their own brand.

Premium Gold Star Blended Tea

using select tea from high altitude in Sri Lanka. It has outstanding colour, aroma and flavour. No matter for making fragrant lemon tea or smooth milk tea, it is the best match on the dinning table.

It's coffee time!

Relax during coffee time in busy city life! Grand Red Star Coffee's smooth texture let you relax, refresh and enjoy precious coffee time.

一鍵Cappuccino Aulika辦公室咖啡機

Professional training course

With decades of experience, Grand provides clients with professional beverage technician training course, so that beverage skills can be quicly acquired.

Contact us to make your contract plan.

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